What To Expect

Morning Fishing

The Captain’s day starts early, long before your arrival. He will check the weather and water temp charts, and decide on a program for the day. He will place all the baits on all the poles, check all the lines for nicks, and decide on what techniques will be the most productive. Of course most important where to find the FISH!

Upon your arrival at the dock, Captain Mike will cheerfully welcome you be aboard the Lie-A-Lot charter boat and help you store your gear.

After the introductions, Captain Mike will explain how it works on the Lie-A-Lot. (This is your boat for the day. So relax and enjoy yourself. Ask all the questions you want and by all means make yourself at home.)

As the engines are fired up and the electronics turned on, the anticipation builds. The Captain casts off the lines, and the charter boat heads out of the Ludington Municipal Marina to join the rest of the fishing fleet in the main channel. We pass by the U.S. Coast Guard Station and the Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse, and out to the open water of Lake Michigan. The Captain sets the autopilot for your fishing destination, the engines roar to life, and we're off! In just a few minutes you will be at the fishing grounds.

Upon arrival at our fishing destination the flood lights are turned on. The Captain will work feverishly to set all the rods before the morning bites. Now is a good time for coffee and doughnuts. With the lines set, we wait for daybreak.

As a glimmer of daylight shows in the eastern sky, you have your first bite. "FISH ON" yells the captain. The first battle of "man vs. fish" of the day has begun! Then another bite, and another. It’s "HAMMER TIME!" - the morning bite is on! With three fish on and more on the way, the action is heating up!

The captain will coach the crew, because they know, it's team work that put fish in the box. Somewhere between grabbing rods, setting hooks, doing battle, and netting fish, you might get to see a magnificent sunrise.

As the sun rises higher in the sky, the morning routine slows to a more manageable pace. The Captain points the boat toward deeper water, and changes the program for mid-day fishing. Now it’s time to relax. Maybe even a short nap until it’s your turn again. The food and drinks are brought out. The stories and jokes are being told. There’s laughter all around. The Captain may have one or two of his own stories to tell.

After a few more hours on Lake Michigan, your Lie-A-Lot charter boat fishing adventure will draw to a close. On the ride back to the Ludington harbor, you will have time to reflect on what a truly magnificent fishing adventure this was.

Upon arrival at the Ludington Municipal Marina, you are invited to watch as your fish are cleaned and packaged or just relax in a clean park-like atmosphere. When finished, Captain Mike will wish you a safe trip home and extend an invitation to come again.

Evening Fishing

Evening fishing trips are similar except, we leave in the daylight and return at dark. The action on the evening trip is just the reverse. The action starts off slow and heats up toward sunset.