Corporate Charters

These charter boat fishing adventures are great for employees. A positive experience to let them know what a great job they have done. People that work together and play together make good teams. We specialize in corporate charter boat fishing adventures. Because of the planning involved, it is best to book as soon as possible.

Here are options for a great charter fishing experience:

Corporate Charter Option 1:

Multi-boat charters can be arranged for large groups that wish to go fishing the same day.

Corporate Charter Option 2:

My personal favorite is to book the Lie-A-Lot Charter Fishing Boat multiple times over the summer. An example would be every Monday in July and Aug. This would be the equivalent of an eight boat large group. Have your employees break into eight groups and draw for their date to go fishing. A fishing tournament can be arranged with payouts for biggest fish, overall numbers of fish, and most weight. This will keep the excitement at your company going all summer. As a manager you will get more bang for your buck!

With either of these options, for an additional small fee, we can supply you with box lunches, or set up a picnic at the Ludington Municipal Marina when you return. Your fish will be cleaned and packaged.