What To Bring for Your Charter Boat Fishing Trip

For maximum enjoyment and safety during your charter boat fishing trip, be sure to bring along these items:

• All species fishing license - Is required for anyone 17 years old and over.

• Soft soled shoes - The deck of the charter boat can be slippery when wet. No black soles, they leave marks.

• Sun glasses, sun screen - The sun reflecting on the water casts a glare that can be almost blinding without the proper sun glasses. In addtion, the water amplifies the risk of sunburn.

• Hat, jacket, and rain gear- It is usually cool in the morning, and sometimes it rains.

• Food and drinks -  Bring a cooler with whatever you would like to eat and drink for the day. (For an additional fee we can provided these items. Please let us know at the time of booking the charter.)

• Cooler to take home fish - Your charter captain will clean and bag your fish.